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Malaysia's Leading Office Furniture Supplier

IOS System is a Malaysia office furniture supplier, specializing in office chairs, office partitions, office furniture, office open plan and office safe box. We have an extensive range of office furniture, which includes office chairs, meeting tables, safe box, steel cabinets, executive series, office cubicles etc in malaysia. Our comprehensive line of office furniture showcases the finest in terms of modern design, practicality and comfort.

Office furniture supplier can help improve a company’s outlook. Office furniture can very much reflect the company culture. IOS System offers a comprehensive range of office chair covering traditional and contemporary styles while insisting on durability and functionality of office furniture. Like it with wood, steel or glass, IOS System has it all here.

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Office Partition Supplier

Office Partition

IOS office partition system helps you to optimize your partitioned work space, while adding functionality and storage. Our office partitions system offers you the option to create one cubicle or an entire office. Each panel can easily be assembled together through the use of steel connectors to form straight runs, 90 degree corners, 4 way cubicles and high-low panel configurations. This will allow you to personally design your offices based on your individual needs, leading to increased productivity and efficiency within your office. Panels come in customized colour options in varying widths and heights to meet your every need.

Office Open Plan Supplier

Office Open Plan

Office open plan system traditionally has been known to provide a high-quality, low-cost and environmentally-friendly office workspace. In addition to our sustainable benefits, IOS office open plan system is built to standards with the added benefits of flexibility and selection, at a significant lower price. With more than 5 years of office furniture industry experience, IOS open plan solutions allows you to create a new conference room or private office at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Add space to existing buildings with new floor / ceiling modular furniture that accommodate to your office environment.

Office Chairs Supplier

Office Chairs

Check out our fantastic range of sturdy and durable office chairs and other office seating for your office or workplace at an affordable price. Our extensive office chairs range includes executive chairs, mesh chairs and more. Whether you need a single office chair or a complete set for all your employees, we can help to meet your requirements. Browse our office chairs selection from our catalog.

Office Safe Box Supplier

Office Safe Box

Our office safe box helps you to keep your important documents and personal items in a simple and secure way. IOS office safe is suitable for retail outlets, industries, offices and other institutions who hold large amounts of cash valuables, expect a high degree of protection with its combination of precise engineering and superior product quality. Our office safe is built against fire, oxyacetylene torch, high speed drilling and theft.

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Malaysia Office Furniture Supplier to Fill Your Office Interior

If you want to find high quality Malaysia office furniture supplier, you might like to check out the office furniture supplier Malaysia which offers office partitions, open plan, office chairs and safe box. This is because Malaysia has a lot of furniture manufacturer and supplier that is focused on office furniture. Since there is a lot of office furniture manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia, they all will provide their best quality, price, and service...

How to Choose the Perfect Office Furniture?

Malaysian's lifestyle has changed a bit where we spend quite a portion of our lives sitting in the office. As much as we hate to admit, we normally suffer in an office environment which is not well designed. Normally it all starts with the furniture, chairs that don't give as much support and wobbly work stations to work at...

Optimising The Space in Your Office for Increased Efficiency

Every office is unique in its own justifiable way. The space available is different, the layout is different, the workstation is different and the list goes on. Efficiency among workplace is something common to achieve of all offices. After all we want to spend less time in looking for important items, files etc. Time is money. ...

Choosing a Quality Malaysia Office Open Plan Partitions Supplier

With the high prices for office space in Malaysia, companies end up thinking of creative ways to use their office spaces more efficiently. One way to do that would be create temporary yet durable and stylish partitions to designate individual spaces for employees, provide privacy and create individual working spaces without having to do major renovations...

All About Safe Boxes

Generally, the concept of a safe box has been used interchangeably with a bank vault. Bank vaults are used to store expensive and irreplaceable family heirlooms and important documents, among other things. However, certain important documents might be needed at odd hours. Keeping them at the bank vault might limit their accessibility during an emergency. This is where a safe box can be a convenient and better ...

How to Choose an Office Safe?

Most office would need an office safe regardless of industries. It can be vital to have a place to store private files, valuables and cash. Therefore it is undeniable that the best method to keep valuables safe is to invest on a good office safe. There are different offerings in the market so make sure you choose the right one. This is because there is nothing like a standard safe...

Office Furniture Feng Shui

Take this article with a pinch, though it holds substantial truth for the believers. The ancient Chinese art, or rather science of Feng Shui dates more than three centuries. In today's term and practices, there are many business owners implementing at home and at office for better fortune and luck. It is believed that the positioning of office furniture, ornaments and other decorative and spiritual items ...

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