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IOS System is Malaysia's office furniture manufacturer specializing in office furniture including office chairs, office workstations, office partitions and office open plan system. We have an extensive range of office furniture, which includes office chairs, conference table, director desk, education furniture as well as banquet chairs in Malaysia. Our comprehensive line of office furniture showcases the finest in terms of modern design, practicality and comfort.

Office furniture can help improve a company's outlook. Office furniture can very much reflect the company culture. IOS System offers a comprehensive range of office chairs covering traditional and contemporary styles while insisting on durability and functionality of office furniture. Like it with wood, steel or glass, IOS System has it all here.

Office Opne Plan PartitionSystem
Office open plan partitions and open office workstations traditionally have been known to provide a high-quality, low-cost and environmentally-friendly office workspace. In addition to our sustainable benefits, IOS office open plan partitions and office workstations are built to standards with the added benefits of flexibility and selection, at a significant lower price. With more than 5 years of office furniture industry experience, IOS office open plan and office workstation furniture solutions allows you to create a new conference room or private office at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. Add space to existing buildings with new floor / ceiling modular office furniture that accommodate to your office environment.
Office Chairs
A good office chair can make a big difference for your comfort and productivity in the workplace. Our office chairs are available in different styles, colours and materials so finding one to suit you your needs will be easy. Check out our fantastic range of sturdy and durable office chairs and other office seating for your office or workplace at an affordable price. Our extensive office chairs range includes executive chairs, mesh chairs and more. Whether you need a single office chair or a complete set for all your employees, we can help to meet your requirements. Browse our office chairs selection from our catalogue.
Office Furniture
IOS System specializes in manufacturing functional yet productive office furniture to meet client's unique requirements. Our office furniture can be easily assembled to suit the needs and design of every individual office. We manufacturer comtemperory office furniture with a variety of colours and designs. Our office furniture range includes office chairs, office partitions, open plan system, conference tables, director desk, and education furniture as well as banquet chairs.Visit our office furniture collections for great ideas on building a workspace for your office.